Just beginning to explore your role in global missions?

Want to go on a short term trip to expand your horizons?

Is your next step to raise support and serve abroad or at home? Below you will find links to organizations representing specific options to pursue depending on gifting and passion.

Cafe 1040 – For those seeking missionary training and a foreign assignment longer than a few weeks to help determine if full time missionary work is in their future.

Frontiers – A sending agency for those with a burden for the Muslim world.

Pioneers – A sending agency focused on unreached and unengaged people groups.

Mission Aviation Fellowship – For those with flight training and airplane maintenance skills who want to take their craft to the mission field.

Wycliffe Bible Translators – Learn a language and help finish the task of the Bible in every language!

Global Gates – A sending agency for those who wish to work within a major metropolitan city somewhere  in the world.

International Students Inc. – For those with a passion to reach internationals that are attending Universities nearby.

OneStory – Get involved in creating orality Gospel resources for a people group. On field assignments implementing Bible story sets into oral cultures with low literacy or no written language.

Business As Mission Global – Resources for business men and women wanting to take their skills and resources into the developing world for Kingdom impact.

His Hands Ministries – International child school and elder sponsorship programs. They are often looking for people to administrate an existing or new program from the U.S., which includes travel with teams to update records. Consider sponsorship yourself, 100% of your monthly donations goes to the field.

Begin to explore your role in global missions?