Helping Individuals And Groups Take Their Next Step In Joining God In His Global Mission To Glorify His Name, By Bringing Redemption, Restoration And Flourishing To All Peoples


To glorify God by cultivating spiritual and physical flourishing through cross-cultural ministry.


A world that recognizes and declares God’s glory as individuals, communities and nations experience healing through truth and compassion.

Core values:

1. Biblical Mandates

Because we have received the great healing (Isaiah 53:5) we obey the great commandment (Matthew 22:35–40), great commission (Matthew 28:16-20) and great requirement (Micah 6:8). These passages summarize the Christian life: glorifying God  by making disciples, with spiritual and societal healing as the result.

2. Dependence on God

We recognize that the fulfillment of our mission cannot be accomplished by human strategies. There is a direct correlation between how we engage with our sovereign Lord and participating with Him in fulfilling His Kingdom purposes. Consequently, prayer, fasting, seeking wisdom from Scripture and other spiritual disciplines are essential to our practice as an organization, and in any strategy for community development implemented by those living in a developing nation.

3. Wholistic discipleship

We believe that personal and social transformation is not possible without becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ. Discipleship  happens in the course of understanding and obeying Jesus’ teaching, not from simply assenting to biblical facts. Consequently, we value wholistic discipleship that addresses all of life (spiritual and physical) as the primary element in development work and to effect positive change in affluent cultures. The Gospel is the gateway, the framework and the culmination of discipleship.

4. The local church

We believe that the local church, wherever it exists, is God’s primary vehicle in accomplishing His purposes. Therefore, we prioritize engagement with churches for the fulfillment of our mission.

5. Cross-Cultural Partnerships

We engage churches, groups, families and individuals in international partnerships. Special care is taken to break down stereotypes and address cultural lies that hold people in bondage to broken systems.

6. Projects

We facilitate projects of compassion and mercy, giving preference to the needs of the most marginalized. We avoid dependency and reinforcing ideas about helplessness by working hard to ensure no one does for the poor what they can do for themselves, when they have a proper understanding of their capacity and resources.

7. Care For People

The love we seek to share internationally will also be evident in our cultural ethos. Donors, project recipients, project partners, volunteers, staff and board, all who are involved in the work of this organization, will be treated with respect and value.