Just a few words today.

For the past several days, my heart has been heavy when I think of Haiti and Afghanistan. I am certain you feel the same way. Things have significantly changed–again–for millions of people in these countries. Beyond the horrors of the loss of life and devastation of properties, cultures have been affected. World-views are changing–not just within these nations, but throughout the world.

A great deal has already been posted (and will continue to be posted) regarding how to pray, give, serve, go, etc. Search for them as they are easily found.

Before the tragedy in Kabul, I encouraged churches throughout the world to be prepared for the large movement of Afghans. I am encouraged to read on social media that others are spreading this message as well. Any time such tensions arise in the world, get ready for the waves of internally displaced persons, asylum-seekers, and future refugees. Again, here is a tremendous opportunity to serve the neediest of the neediest.

“May your kingdom come” (Matt 6:10).

This post written by J.D. Payne and originally posted at https://www.jdpayne.org/2021/08/heavy-global-hearts/ and used by permission of J.D. Payne.

Photo by Samuel Martins on Unsplash.