New disciplines express themselves through neologisms. Missiology is no exception. One such term, heard infrequently today, is that of missiometrics. David Barrett notes this is the empirical and quantitative area of missiology that studies and measures “anything and everything in any way relevant to world mission and global evangelization” (Moreau, Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions, 636).

Of course, facts and findings are only useful if they are understood. A mound of data is practically worthless for mobilization unless it is clearly communicated. Hence another term: missiographics–the visual communication of research findings.

Such maps, charts, and diagrams have been most helpful and greatly used by the Spirit. One of the most important visual presentations at this time is the 7 minute video “The Remaining Mission Task.” It is not new; but I do not recall referencing it on my blog.

Be sure to watch and share with others. This is very valuable.

This post written by J.D. Payne and originally posted at, and used by permission of J.D. Payne.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.