A small team of doctors and nurses here are working to provide medical care through nurses, missionaries, and translators in Guatemala. Although there is nothing more than our team would like right now, we are unable to be face-to-face with our Guatemalan brothers and sisters and we are forever grateful for technology and the way God is using it to provide care for the most critical patients we see. We have seen God’s provision in many ways and are so thankful this can still be done safely even during a pandemic!

From Yelsi, a translator working at the clinic in Guatemala:

“Thank you, Healing Nations Medical Team for letting me be a part of today’s adventure!

Today was my first time ever helping to translate online. I am so grateful for technology, even though at first we were having some technical problems, we made it through with Jesus’s help and WhatsApp! The patients here were so grateful for getting more meds today, since they had run out from their 6-month supply from January. It is always an honor to see how God keeps providing for His children and that Healing Nations was a part of this miracle. Thank you to each of you!”