Today was another busy day as 104 patients came through the clinic. Here is a post from one of our superstar nurses here in Utah. Thank you for praying for all involved!

When our lives turned upside down last year, I missed some of the little things, like travel, going to dinner with friends, leaving my house, or being able to buy toilet paper.  It’s been a year to say the least.  I feel like our friends in Guatemala have felt it even more keenly.  Their resources are not great to begin with and with the pandemic well… I worried for the people we see regularly when we couldn’t go in July but figured we’d muddle through and be able to make up for it in January.  Now here January is, and we are still unable to go down.  Through it all I have been amazed at how God has provided every need for this clinic.  We were able to get more medication down there, even though it took some fancy and creative means to do it.  We were able to partner with people down there who could be our eyes and hands.  We have had support from the local government.  It’s been amazing.  Every barrier that came up to stop us had a solution.  Was it easy?  No.  Was it worth it?  Yes.  God made a way to make this happen.  I believe God will continue to make a way for us to care for these people.  No, it hasn’t been easy, but God has taught me many lessons about myself through this.  He has shown His faithfulness to me.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve.  I pray to be able to go there physically in July.

Post written by Shawnda